The face behind -By Madi Designs with the goal to help you

Meet Your
Website Designer Madi

I understand how you are feeling and want to help

Aside from helping you, here's a little more about me:

  • I'm a home body and have lived in Guelph, ON my whole life
  • My favourite time of year is March Madness
  • I will never turn off an ABBA Song or turn down eating antipasto
  • A perfect day is one spent at the cottage with family and friends

I’m Madi and I help service-based businesses in the home industry showcase their quality work so they can secure dream projects. By working with you to create a custom website and training you to maintain it moving forward, you become set up and equipped to feel confident online.

Communicating that through a website can be a challenging and daunting task though

You are a
hardworking & talented service provider 

2019 - Now

Offering to help family and friends with design work whenever I can


Studying multimedia, communications, and marketing in post-secondary


Always wanting to be in Communications Technology class

1999 - 2008

Constantly colouring and having my hands covered in marker

I've always been creative

Ready for me to use my creativity and help you?

I’ve worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a real estate agency, volunteered as a Marketing Consultant for a mental health and well-being charity, and taught Communications Technology in high school but I've always had the desire to start something of my own.  -By Madi Designs is that something and it allows me to do what I love - be creative and help others.

Cue - By Madi Designs

More and more often I found myself looking at some sort of marketing material (especially websites) and having the urge to reach out and offer to help make it better.

I’d think to myself, well that doesn’t represent them well or flow easily - if only they did...