Website services to show off your quality work

Let Your Website
Speak On Your Behalf

  • Knowing that your website is a reason clients choose you
  • Not worrying about how you look compared to competitors
  • Providing a way to connect with people 24/7

To feeling like this:

  • Wondering what people think when they visit your website
  • Feeling like you don’t look as good as your competitors
  • Constantly thinking of ways to connect with potential clients on social media

Change feeling like this:

75% of people judge a company's credibility based on their website. Having one that undermines your work could lead to dream clients choosing  competitors over you. 

If your website was the deciding factor for a potential client, would you feel confident with them looking at it?

Kick-Off Call 
5 custom pages + links page
2 rounds of revisions
Mobile optimization
Basic SEO
Third-Party Integrations
Domain connection
Social media launch carousel
Website maintenance training

starting From $3000

Ideal for businesses who want to expand to a full website or refresh the website they currently have.  

The Multi-Page

Kick-Off Call
5 custom sections
2 rounds of revisions
Mobile optimization

Basic SEO
Domain connection

Social media launch graphic
Website maintenance training

starting From $1000

 Ideal for businesses who are just getting started or do not have enough content for a full website yet. 

The Single Page

A Website 
That Lives Up To You

Upon final approval, you will receive the final invoice to be paid and then all your deliverables - a website in your account, launch graphic, and video explaining how to make edits. Your website is launched and you are now living up to what your clients are saying!

4. Launch

Now that everything is ready to go we will have a kick-off call to confirm I understand your vision before I start designing. I will then design your home page, ask for your approval before designing the rest of the website, make changes based on your feedback, receive your final approval, and make sure everything is ready to go live. 

3. Design

Once the details are finalized I will share a project dashboard with you. Here you will complete a design questionnaire and upload any content you want to be included on your website. The dashboard will also be used to communicate throughout the rest of the project. 

2. Prepare

To get started, fill out the inquiry form and I will be in touch within 48 hours to speak further about the details of your project. If you’d still like to move forward after that, I will send you a contract to sign and a deposit invoice to pay. 

1. Inquire


Share some information with me below and I will be in touch within 48 hours. 

Ready to look as good as the service you provide?

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Thanks for SHARING

I’m looking forward to learning about you and will be in touch.

From the moment I was old enough to hold a marker until now I have been creative. Throughout working in marketing and teaching I’ve always had the desire to start something of my own where I could be creative and help others at the same time. -By Madi Designs is that something and I’d love to use my creativity to help you have a website that lives up to what your clients are saying. 

And I help service-based businesses in the home industry look their best by designing custom websites that reflect the quality work they do

Hi, I'm Madi 

Showit (the platform your website will be designed on) requires you to pay for a subscription. Depending on the subscription and payment plan you choose, the ongoing cost ranges from $19 to $39 USD per month. I will assist you in selecting the best Showit plan for you. 

Are there any ongoing costs involved with the website?

That’s no problem at all. The Single-Page comes with 5 sections but if you would like more, it is $20 per additional section. The Multi-Page comes with 5 pages but if you would like more, it is $150 per additional page.

What if I want more sections or pages on my website?

Upon your website being launched, I will provide you with a video recording that shows you the back end of your website and explains how to make changes. If you still don’t want to make changes yourself when the time comes, we can chat about some website maintenance options.

Will I be able to make edits to my website ?

Your website will be designed in the website platform Showit. This is my favourite platform because among other things it is user-friendly (drag & drop + no code), extremely flexible design wise, has built-in SEO capabilities, and there is always a support team available.

What platform will my website be designed in? 

You need a domain, visual identity (logo, colour palette, typography), high-quality photos, and copy. Having all this is important for achieving a professional, consistent, and trustworthy look and feel to your website. I also will not design your website until everything is provided to me. If you do not have any of these or need some help getting them, get in touch still and I’d be happy to assist you. 

What do I need to work with you? 

Frequently Asked Questions